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09-01-2015 07:46
torry warnner ( usa , United States )

"Good thing I'm not a model," said an acquaintance recently to me Idol Lash and grabbed uncontrollably their chocolate. I had just chuckle to myself as she ate demonstratively in front of me. Is it just a typical stereotype that all models are starving? What to eat Models?

30-12-2014 11:48
Linda Beatty ( New York, NY , United States )

Replace cold water fish, poultry or white lean meat instead. One way around the red meat fat is to find meat that has been grass fed not fed corn. This is more expensive but at least you can have your occasional steak. Novel foods you will eat will be mostly fruits and vegetables. Unlike their processed cousins.

24-12-2014 12:17
Mian Hanan54 ( New York , United States )

A weak immune system low on natural killer cells unable to get rid of infections and cancer cells now let's look at the second scenario passive doorman and overly aggressive bouncers with passive doorman anyone can get into the club with overly aggressive bouncers peacepoland valuable clients are tossed out and the fights between the bouncers and normal folk just there to have a nice time are always breaking out this type of immune imbalance is paralleled by.
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19-11-2011 12:33
Yohanan Kaldi ( Israel )

Hello, best wishes to Johanna! That's really faszinating: the very first and until your e-mail the very last time I have ever heard the name Thomas Bernhard was in 1964, when a fellow student at the Mozarteum told me about a writer, Th. Bernhard, who a few years earlier was student of the Musikakademie. "Der war aber a' ganz verdrehter Kerl. Hast von ihm gehert?" fragte er. "I? Nee. Was schreibt er?" "Heit iser' a Dzhurnalist. Aber ganz verdreht." End of quotation. Hope, you are well and all is well, regards, Yohanan

24-10-2011 02:04
Matthias Janser ( Barelona , Spain )

L’obra de l’autor austríac Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) parla de les relacions humanes, de la necessitat de l’altre i de la dependència com una forma de control. L’obra posa en escena, entre d’altres, a 14 actors amputats que representen l’atmosfera ofegant que suporten sota la subjugació de “La Buena”, una dona que converteix la capacitat d’ajudar en una forma brutal de dependència i opressió. Una opressió que no aconsegueix, tanmateix, eliminar l’humor negre i la humanitat dels esguerrats de l’asil, els anhels i desitjos dels quals acabaran desfermant-se durant la festa d’aniversari d’en Boris.