The workshops

In September 2010 we will focus on contacting various associations, organisations and groups that specialise in working with amputees.

Subsequently, a questionnaire will be given to potential participants in order to learn more about each amputee’s potential, mobility, skills, and interests.

The aim is to locate amputees who are in Catalonia and interested in participating in our drama and movement workshops.

The website will serve as a forum and information platform for all participants and future audiences.

The workshops will take place in March and April 2011 at  in Sabadell (Barcelona).

Please go to The dates  for more information.

Download and fill in the questionnaire if you would like to take part in the workshops:  

Please return your completed questionnaire to



1. Introductory seminar


- The introduction of author Thomas Bernhard and his play A Party for Boris

- The presentation of the workshop structure

- First contact and familiarisation between the artistic team and participants

2. Drama and movement workshops

The workshops will be divided into three sessions and each will focus on a particular aspect (drama and text for the first session, movement and composition work for the second, and an elaboration of a small theatrical scene for the third)


-The realisation of workshops that focus on drama, text, movement and personal development of approximately 60 leg amputees.

-To give a detailed examination of the themes, context and structure of A Party for Boris.

-To investigate the methods used in a dramatic presentation in front of an audience.

-To investigate and experiment with the physical abilities of participants.

-To mentally and physically challenge each participant.

-To increase self-confidence with regard to dramatic expression through movement, language and scenic elements.

The workshop sessions will take place on three consecutive weekends and last six hours each. All sessions will be prepared and directed by Matthias Janser and Nora Sitges-Sardà, as well as collaborating specialists Maxime Lannarelli and Gabriel Galvéz Prado.


All sessions will be regularly evaluated by the artistic team and participants. These evaluations will be carried out through discussions, written commentaries, and/or audiovisual documentation.


Our Web site will serve as a forum and platform for sharing experiences.